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It’s that time of year, the NFL season is starting up, the NBA is underway, and the lead up to the MLB season is fast approaching. This means a lot of things to different people. Some people barrack for a certain team for enjoyment, but a lot watch the sports with the intention of winning money.

Sports’ betting is an up and coming legal method to make a lot of money, however guidance is needed in order to succeed, especially if you are new to it. The Sports Betting Champ is becoming an ever-growing source of information for thousands of people to succeed in such activities.

But how does a system of sports betting have a 97% chance of getting the correct result time and time again? John Morrison, with a PhD in statistics, and the author and creator of the product spent 5 years developing such a scheme. The good news is that you will not be betting on each and every single game. You will only bet on games that are almost a certain win based on history, players and statistics. If a game is selected as a game that you should bet on, there is a very high chance, 97% in fact that it will be correct. Over an entire season, that makes for a lot of wins, and a lot of profit making! for more info visit stan james accept higher odds.

The amount of games you will bet on will vary across each sport. For example, the system will advise, and supply you bets for approximately 7% of all total games within the NBA. This equates to about 81 bets in the entire season. As history would show, the success rate of the Sports Betting Champ system is currently at 289 wins… from just 297 bets!!! Imagine the profits you could be making if you had bet on all of those.

I won’t go into all the fine details about how much you could win, I’ll leave the shock as to how big the amount is up to you. However across 3 of the biggest sports in the world, with a 97% chance of success in 2 of these sports, its not hard to work out. MLB is another sport that John will supply bets for you however as history would dictate, getting a winner is not as each as other sports. This severely limits the amount of bets that you will be able to place within the MLB, however with you betting on 40 games a season, considering john has won 193/194 bets, the odds are always going to be in your favor. The best part is, the MLB system is offered to you 100% free!

I have been using the sports betting champ system for quite some time now, and already in the 2009 season I’m at 14 wins to 0 loses, peaking my winning profits just shy of $10,000….. And it’s not even the end of January!

I can’t make you do anything, nor do I want to. I simply have tried to show you how you can change your life with the aid of sports that you would normally just watch on TV.

With all of the 2009 seasons either just starting, or about to get underway, now is a great time to jump on the Sports Betting Champ band-wagon.

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